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Program Goal and Objectives

The goal of the English as a Second Language, ESL, Program is to provide opportunities to non-native speakers of the English Language which will assist in eliminating linguistic barriers while attempting to achieve academic and personal goals.  
We strive for English Language Learners to:
  • acquire linguistic and cultural knowledge
  • expand vocabulary
  • develop confidence in listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities
  • "think" in English without relying heavily on the first language
  • acquire phonological and phonetic knowledge of English
  • gain linguistic proficiency in order to succeed in mainstream classes
We will:
  • assess students' abilities in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English
  • collaborate with all professionals involved with students' learning process
  • develop instructional materials promoting linguistic ouput
  • screen students to determine eligibility for program
  • utilize technology to extend learning opportunities and develop fluency in the use of higher-level grammatical structure 
  • provide services to support communicative efforts between the school and parents
  • translate documents into the students' first language
  • communicate students' eligibility, progress, and WIDA results