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Math Resources

  • Clever is utilized school-wide so that students may have a single login for almost all programs and resources we use in the classroom.
  • Some programs and resources we use in math class via Clever include:
    • IXL: A fantastic way for students to continuously practice skills we are learning in class, or skills they need to review.
    • Prodigy: A fun continuous game that integrates math standards, so students are having fun and learning at the same time!
    • Khan Academy: Great videos and practice problems on many different mathematical topics.
    • Quizizz: Quick online assessments to gauge student learning in certain topics.
    • Edulastic: Online standards-based assessments
    • 99 Math: Helps students become more fluent in basic math operations, including multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, time, and money. Feel free to practice at home!
This school year, math teachers grades K through 12 in Monroe County are using the Envision workbook/online platform! We have a paperback book to work on in class, as well as additional support on the online program. We are so excited to have this new resource to navigate this school year. Students can get to the online workbook by the following the directions below:
  • Log in to using their Google account
  • Click on Class Gather
  • Click on Savvas
  • Click on Math and then all assignments should pop up here.
If you have questions, or any issues arise, please feel free to email me at [email protected]