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About me

    As a young child, I watched my older sister go to school, wishing I could go, too. When I started attending school, I knew right then that I would one day become a teacher. From that day forward, I spent whatever free time I had teaching my stuffed animals and dolls the things I learned at school each day.

    In 2009, at age 34 with 3 children at home, I became the first member of my family to attend college. Attending classes full time while raising my children could be stressful, but I discovered an inner strength I never knew I had. I persevered and graduated and began to fulfill my life-long dream of being a teacher.

    Now, with the help of my husband and best friend, Tim, my 3 children, and my amazing Eagles family, I am blessed with the opportunity to do what I love at Madisonville Middle.