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8th Graders

Madisonville Middle School is excited to host a graduation ceremony that matches the unique circumstances of our students’ 8th-grade year.  MMS will be hosting a drive-thru graduation ceremony next Friday night, May 17th, at 4:30 pm.  Parents/Guardians will meet at the Sequoyah High School parking lot at 4:00, entering from Fagin Road, to form a caravan headed towards MMS, in an effort to control the flow of traffic.  The route will take students through the middle school parking lot to the back of the school, and on to the front of the school where the students will receive their graduation packets.  We encourage all families to place their student's name in the passenger side of the dash or window, as well as to seat their student on the passenger's side of the vehicle in order to receive their materials and best experience the ceremony. We also encourage families to decorate their vehicles and enjoy the celebration of their student's graduation from 8th grade!
8th grade graduation