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New Student Registration

1.  Official Withdrawal Form from your last school attended.  This form lets us know that you have officially withdrawn from your last school and that your account is clear from that school.  If you still owe money or books the school can refuse to send your records.  Without these records we can not enroll you at our school.


2.  An Un-official Transcript from your last school attended.  This form will help us place the student into the proper classes needed for graduation.


3.  Proof of Birth.  This can be a Birth certificate, Passport, Immigration Documents, Decree of Adoption, or Court Documents.


4.  Social Security Card (Requested).


5.  Must have proof of immunizations on a Tennessee Certificate of Immunizations with the appropriate level of immunizations, as required by grade.  If you have a form from another state, you can have this information transferred at the Monroe County Health Department on Monday - Friday (except for holidays) from 8:00 - 4:00 or at your doctor's office if you have established a medical provider in Tennessee.  


6.  Proof of a physical exam;  we will accept an appointment slip with your doctor for the physical exam to let the student enroll.  We also offer a Nurse Practitioner at school to provide a physical during school hours. 


7.  Custody papers or guardianship papers.  These are REQUIRED unless both parents have remained married to each other.  


8.  Proof of residency.  Electric bills, water bills, or lease agreement are preferred.


9.  Any Special Education papers or 504 plans.