8th Grade Ceremonies

To our 8th grade parents, guardians, and loved ones:

Exciting news! Generous members of the community have reached out and/or were willing to work with us in devising a solution to our graduation concerns. We will now be hosting a morning awards and graduation ceremony for our 8th graders at 9am at Sequoyah High School on May 13th.

We appreciate the people who have offered their support as we face the fallout of the weather-related damage that made our gymnasium inaccessible for graduation. A supportive community is a successful community! We’d like to specially thank:

-Ms. Debi Tipton, for rearranging her high school graduation festivities to accommodate our graduation time and allowing us the use of Sequoyah’s gymnasium;

-Mr. Russell Harris for allowing us to rent two activity buses, so we can transport our 8th grade students to the high school that morning; and

- Our teachers and staff, for their flexibility in planning graduation despite unexpected changes.

We look forward to celebrating the MMS class of 2022!